Living a life that is sold out for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a safe endeavor.  God has no intention of creating a safe environment for Christians.  Walking in His will and walking on faith requires that we step outside what we find familiar and comfortable.  It requires that we leave behind our concepts of what is possible and what is not.  Living completely under the influence of Christ involves trusting that He is in control even when circumstances appear completely out of control.    When we choose to take the chance and let God use us how He sees fit, we will begin to experience the wonder of the power of God at work.  The more we give Him, the more He will use us and take us places we never thought possible.  He will transform us and through the experience we will grow closer to Him and have a greater understanding of what he expects from us.    The Dangerous Faith is not a faith of Sunday morning Christians.  It is a faith that steps outside the church and sees the world as a mission field.  It is a faith that is open to God's call, no matter the cost.  It is a faith that can change the world.  It is a faith that can see the power of God unfold.  It is a faith that does not belong to a spectator.  It is a faith that requires action. Even though a Dangerous Faith is something that pushes us far from what we know and understand, it is far more dangerous to stay where we are and watch from a distance.  Do not let others do the job God is calling you to do.  When God calls, he expects us to respond...NOW!  Not walking with a Dangerous Faith, and missing the point of God's call, can lead us down a dark road of complacency and lazy, ineffective comfort.    Jesus Himself did not avoid danger, rather he placed Himself right in the middle of it.  He was careful, however, to be certain that He was walking perfectly in the He calls us to do the same.  Walk into the danger of a lost world, but walk with Him by our side as He accomplishes His will through us.   We Didn't Come To Watch!
Dental mission to Thai orphanage close to the border with Burma