Rice-A-Thon 2017

Christmas for

Safe Haven Orphanage

It is time for a new Rice-A-Thon fundraiser. 

We don’t do these very often but we have identified a very worthy recipient.  This year we want to provide a meaningful Christmas gift to Safe Haven Orphanage through Rice-A-Thon donations.   This will be your opportunity to participate in providing this amazing and life sustaining gift.

Since our first mission to the region in 2009, La Cima World Missions has been participating in helping to meet medical and dental needs for the children and staff of Safe Haven Orphanage in Ban Tha Song Yang, Tak Province, Thailand.  We first met the orphanage Founder and Director, Tasanee Keereepraneed, on that mission and it was apparent she is an angel that walks among us.  She selflessly strives to provide a loving and nurturing environment for dozens of children…and she is doing it well!

Safe Haven’s mission is to “provide disadvantaged children with proper nurture, nutrition, shelter, clothing, medical care and education. Safe Haven Orphanage is open to children from all communities, faiths and cultures.”

"Tasanee, what do you need the most?" Tasanee: "Rice."

At the moment, there are 53 children and 10 staff living at Safe Haven.  Rice is a staple food item at the orphanage and they require a 100 pound bag of rice every two days to keep everyone fed.  A bag of rice costs about $22 US.  Breaking that down, it costs $11 US to supply rice for 63 people each day.   EVERY DOLLAR DONATED WILL SUPPLY RICE TO NEARLY 6 PEOPLE FOR A DAY’S MEALS!  Donating to Rice-A-Thon 2017 is an incredibly cost effective way to get the biggest bang for your donated buck! 

We hope to attain three goals with Rice-A-Thon 2017.  First is obviously to provide food for the children and staff at Safe Haven.  We want to meet their rice budget for the entire year of 2018.  That is $4015.00 US.  Anything above and beyond the rice budget will be then be used for medical expenses for the children and subsequent surplus will be applied to construction projects on orphanage grounds.

Orphanage is meeting needs, growing in size and scope.

With 53 children, doctor bills mount up rapidly and addressing those costs is always essential.  Secondary uses of any surplus will be facility upgrade and construction projects.  Safe Haven Orphanage is in the process of becoming much more than what it has been up to this point in time.  More children will be coming in the next year and more services will be offered, including providing a Safe Haven for children at high risk of/rescued from human trafficking.  In order to meet the Tak Province Social Development and Human Security standards for this expansion in mission, these upgrades and new buildings (first will be a new boy’s dormitory) will be necessary.  Every dollar we raise will help them meet these goals so they can make an even bigger positive impact in the lives of the children in their charge.

All non-designated donations to La Cima World Missions between October 1 and December 10 will be applied to Rice-A-Thon 2017.  Funds will be sent to Safe Haven Orphanage in time to make this a huge Christmas present.  We want this to be a Christmas to remember for Tasanee, the staff and children that call Safe Haven “HOME!”

La Cima World Missions 2017 Rice Fundraiser for Save Haven Orphanage, Thailand

Rice-A-Thon 2017 is a Team Effort.

As always, none of what we do at La Cima is possible without your continued support.  Thank you for walking this path with us as we do our best to be salt and light in the world!

God bless you all,