Drug Runners Make Good Christians

Drug Runners Make Good Christians

Now that I have your attention, allow me to explain.

When someone comes to forgiveness of sins through accepting Jesus Christ as their savior, there is an opportunity for redemption.  No matter who you were or what you have done, if it is laid at the foot of the cross, it can be redeemed and transformed into something much different than it started.

There are those who would look at a drug runner that became a believer who would demand that they change everything about who they are and take a different path. 

I see things a little differently.

If I meet a drug runner who has come to Jesus, I see someone who has an elevated risk tolerance, understands supply chain management, has the ability to maintain operational security, can operate covertly when necessary, is capable of clandestine communication, can move through multi-cultural societies with ease, has a solid grasp of human resource management and is usually very skilled in discerning who is lying and who is telling the truth.

God did not encourage or desire for the drug runner do engage in a life that was destructive to himself and those around him.  God was always waiting in the wings for the drug runner to realize that the path he was walking ended in darkness and there was a light at the end of the road less traveled.  At the moment the drug runner decided to give his life to Christ, he came as he was and he came with a skill set that is very specialized.  If that skill set is put on the table, God will use it in ways beyond imagination to grow His kingdom.

It boils down to:  Is the drug runner willing to use his powers for good instead of evil? 

There is no need for the drug runner to be convinced he is living a life that is in opposition to what Jesus would have us do.  He knew that or he wouldn't have ever considered accepting the gift of salvation.  That makes him eligible to be called up and out of the minor league so he can get into the majors.

Now the drug runner is able to use all the knowledge, connections and skills from a life before Jesus and can apply that to fighting for the heart of his King.  He is able to move into closed and restricted countries with the Gospel message.  He is able to carry the Word into the darkest corners of the globe.  He is able to crash the gates of hellto set the captives free.  He is able to proceed boldly knowing that he was made for such a time as this.

He has found Redemption.  What was is turning into something much more glorious as he sees what will be.  Who he was is someone far different than who he is becoming. 

A life lived outside of what God intended is not wasted, it is redeemed, renewed and restored.

Whatever you have done, whoever you have been, lay it at the foot of the cross and let it be redeemed.  Don't waste your life. 

This story is not hypothetical, only a detail or two has been changed.

Be like that guy.