Going through the motions vs Going through a wall

What if I told you that your purpose for living and your God-given destiny is likely hidden behind a well-guarded wall of fear, uncertainty and doubt?

What if I told you that if you dug deep within your being to generate the courage to advance on that wall, no matter how scary it may be, things would change forever?

What if I told you that if you used your courageous resolve to breach that wall, come what may, and no matter how long it took, that on the other side you would find that your courage was not spent, rather it was strengthened?

What if I told you that when you looked back at the wall from the other side of the breach that it would be much thinner and weaker than it appeared through the fog of fear, uncertainty and doubt?

What if I told you that once you got through it the first time, you would see that there are many more walls in the way but each one becomes easier to breach and each one takes you closer to your destiny?

What if I told you many would try to make you stop because “it’s dangerous,” or “it’s different” but if you ignore them a few of the naysayers will themselves find the courage to breach their own walls.

What if you didn’t do anything different at all and realize that the only reason you are stuck in a completely unsatisfying and unfulfilling rut is in the mirror?

What if you accept the fact that the only person capable of getting you out of that rut is in the same mirror?

What if?

Go. Do.


The dental team built their own clinic out of concrete blocks and construction leftovers in an abandoned parking garage-turned-refugee camp in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq